"Three blows to the spike, ten spikes to the rail, 400 rails to the mile, 1,800 miles to San Francisco."
—Some dumbass who clearly doesn’t know how many spikes are needed to secure a 30-foot rail.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but passive-aggressive Tumblr posts give me the mental equivalent of dysentery.

I regretted parting with this 1920s Majestic 19-fret tenor banjo, so I decided to respark my interest in this 4-string. “Clover” had some issues with a warped pot, bent flange, sagging bridge, and a damaged head, but I have a suitable 10-3/4” replacement head and a new-old-stock Grover bridge on order for a brighter, crisper sound. The neck is still in amazing shape, with little to no fretwear and superb intonation up the neck, and everything else on this banjo is original. I’ve taken her apart and reassembled her to make sure that everything else is in working order, and soon this 90-year-old beauty will jangle and ring to reels, jigs, and hornpipes once again.

—Wings & Strings




don’t u hate when someone does something that isn’t really bad, then someone harshly accuses them of bigotry, and then the original person defends their actions with bigotry

like… the accuser wasn’t in the right, but thanks to that accusation we know that the original person was a real potate


dude i was thinking about like 10 people when I made this post and none of them were you

you’re safe from the potateness

Concept art of some outrageously snazzy manes for Florentine dragons. The stylization of their manes was inspired by women’s hairstyles of the 1920s and ’30s.
—Wings & Strings

nerailwayartist said:

Wh- you serious? REALLY?

Dead Serious.

Some arbitrary fuckwit on YouTube is trying to pull me into an argument because I supposedly misgendered a locomotive.

My online experience is becoming increasingly disappointing.

Anonymous said: I know that's probably the name of a place but you still shouldn't use the word cripple since it's pretty ableist.

Well yeah, Cripple Creek, Colorado is an actual place. It’s not the best name for a river and its adjacent settlement—or the painfully over-butchered banjo tune, for that matter—but that’s what it’s called and that’s what shows up in the Google search results when I try to do research on the town’s history; I’m not going to refer to its narrow gauge rail line as the Florence & Bunself Creek Railroad for the whiny Tumblr shits, anon.

I still can’t find a whole lot of info on the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad; it’s one of those odd little feeder lines around the narrow gauge circle, and from what I’ve gathered, it wasn’t very notable.

Previously Unheard-of Word of the Day

What the hell is “gynoromantic?”

The voice acting for the confused kid questioning the Easter Bunny & colored egg bullshit, though…

This is the first thing that I’ve sketched in a long time… It’s some more concept art for Florence, a fictitious Baldwin 8-18c that has been modernized for use well into the 1920s and ’30s, more than fifty years after it would have been built. To the left is its unlikely crew, whose rather interesting lives will be explored in the upcoming webcomic, whenever the hell I have time to get it up and running…
—Wings & Strings


wings-and-strings wins the award for being the first person to use my “#something about that one boy band I like” submission tag for something other than its intended purpose, but still reasonably appropriate

Signs that You Might Be Therian/Otherkin:

-You compulsively shit on your carpet or in your backyard.

-You have bitten the neighborhood postman at least once.

-You have to do humiliating tricks for food or attention.

-Someone has attempted to spay/neuter you so that you can’t reproduce.

-Your parents lock you outside in the cold when you beg for scraps at the table.

-Your parents beat you repeatedly with rolled-up newspapers.

-Michael Vick wagered money on you in a fight.

To whomever just followed me and answers to the name “Camille,”

Unfortunately, your application to the bitter boozehound mailing list has been denied due to an issue with your resume. According to our records, you are twelve. Tumblr Guidelines require you to be thirteen years of age before we can move forward in the application process. You may revise your application and try again next year.


—Wings & Strings

The way that Tumblr functions inhibits the effectiveness and enjoyability of satire, because so much shit on this site has gotten so out of hand that any sort of hyperbolic, over-the-top parody is still indistinguishable from the real thing, e.g. if someone is taking the piss out of militant snowflake otherkin sjw’s, they just look identical to militant snowflake otherkin sjw’s and there’s no room for exaggeration, criticism, and/or commentary, which are the most essential factors of quality satire. Without that ability to recognize and appreciate the spoof, it just seems like there’s twice as many dumbasses around here.