I just heard about the new Common Core standardized tests today (on the Colbert Report, of all places), and holy shit, there are questions intended for second graders that leave me with no earthly fucking idea of how to even interpret them, and I’m a twenty-year-old adult. I’ve written financial statements from journal entries yet I can’t even figure out the shit that they’re asking 7-year-olds now.

It’s not just the collegiate level that’s suffering; the U.S. educational system is fucked in its entirety. And no, this isn’t unique to Common Core at all; I remember vapid coursework and red tape to detangle even back in the early 2000s. If anything, my primary education has done more to prepare me for the same feeling of dissapointment that I feel when I walk into the DMV than anything else…







These will never not be funny


"Fast and CURIOUS” 


"chop kick panda" oh my

Can’t wait to see what they do for Frozen

"More White Bullshit."

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Made a lot of progress on my custom cherrywood Dobro build today! Some new parts arrived in the mail, and the body and neck have been sanded to 600 grit, all ready for staining finishing which I’ll start next weekend. Until then, the sanding exposed new wood surfaces and undid some of the cherry’s tanning, so I’ll let them continue to soak up sunlight to darken the wood to a rich reddish amber color which will be enhanced with a very light staining, just enough to bring out the wood grain and flame without making it too dark. I really want to preserve the natural wood color and let it darken with time for the best results.

The first photo is a test-fit of the bolt-on neck (which will also be glued for extra stability) and the gold-plated cover plate, sound rings, and tailpiece that I ordered; the cover plate holes had to be widened to match the holes that were drilled in the top, though. The second, third, and fourth photos show the steps taken to make a parabolic baffle out of sheet aluminum (with the yellow brass back facing upwards to match the gold hardware). The baffle will tune the air chamber inside the body to enhance the bass response as well as project the sound upwards towards the sound holes. Photo #4 also shows the installation of 6 soundposts and preliminary work on shaping the back braces for better responsiveness.

The last photo is what I would consider a perfect set of tuners for this guitar, the Schaller 3-on-plate machines; not only are they gold-plated to match the other hardware, but the pearloid oval buttons match the pearl ovals in the neck inlay perfectly. These tuners will be on order along with the spider, cone, saddle, nut, stain, shellac, lacquer, a woodburning kit to etch in the headstock detail in lieu of inlay, and pearloid binding to replace the white body trim.

—Wings & Strings

Working on some full-color renditions of the new characters for a blog header update; first up is Luz, then I’ll add Lloyd, Loar, and Goat.

—Wings & Strings

Custom Dobro Update:
The body and neck have been sanded to 400 grit, so now I’m letting the book-matched back of the solid cherry Dobro body get some sunlight to darken the wood a bit; the horizontal flame in the wood is really becoming pronounced, and after the varnish is applied, it will stand out even more. Don Gann really found a fantastic piece of curly cherry for this build!
—Wings & Strings

Okay, so most of you are probably wondering… what the hell did I buy? Well, ignoring all rules of English grammatical structure, this the hell did I buy:




My most recent eBay misadventures resulted in this item: one of the last Dobros made by lutheir Don Gann, built of solid cherry wood. This will be my first major resophonic guitar project, and I’ll finish it to my own custom specs.

—Wings & Strings

technicolordreamgoat said:

I’m sorry but I’m totally picturing your icon sitting on a computer screen like a dragon on its pile of hoarded jewels.



I could also use some sleep… in precisely 1 day 16 hours.

—Wings & Strings

Still guarding that eBay item with my life.

Normal bodily functions will resume in 1 day 18 hours.

Very rough coloring of a sketchy concept doodle for another draconic breed—the Sciota, which may or may not have been named after a fiddle tune—for the upcoming webcomic, though it’s really more of a deer-eagle-thing that is very loosely based off of depictions of the Piasa and Thunderbird.
—Wings & Strings
Haven’t drawn Lloyd sober or Loar as a pup in a while, so here’s another doodle of ‘em. More characters and concept art to follow once my academic schedule lightens up.
—Wings & Strings
More w.i.p. stuff for the web comic (whenever I finish sorting all of the shit out for it and have enough time to start uploading regularly) and another example of the Lightfoot breed, basically my take on an Eastern Dragon.
—Wings & Strings

nerailwayartist said:

Jesus Christ why aren’t you working for Disney. D:

Because Disney’s love for steam railroading died with Walt’s and Ward Kimball’s passing… for the most part, anyway; unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a profitable direction for them anymore. Now they’re just cranking out formulaic love paragraphs with carbon-copy recolors of the “ideal feminine face” that they discovered in Tangled & Frozen.

Another w.i.p. for the comic… probably more along the lines of what most hand-drawn background scenes will look like—though probably not with this dark of lighting, unless it’s dusk—with the occasional full color pic thrown in. I also decided to go with an unmodified 8-18c for Lloyd’s locomotive instead of the fictitious DSP&P rebuild so that I can use refs of Eureka & Palisade No. 4.
Fun fact: Many 19th-century North American railroading crews mounted deer, elk, or moose antlers on their headlights, supposedly to bring them good fortune or some shit.
—Wings & Strings

the-note-of-blazrman said:

Try furaffinity or deviantART. No one will know.

Both of those options are precisely 48% worse than Tumblr.

the-note-of-blazrman asked: Are you planing to do more art of Loar and some webcomics?

EDIT: Probably not on this site. I’ve had too many problems with people stealing and selling artwork, and between that and the general vitriol that I have for this site and the vast majority of its users, I will probably be limiting the business that I conduct here unless conditions improve or no alternative can be found.