"Three blows to the spike, ten spikes to the rail, 400 rails to the mile, 1,800 miles to San Francisco."
—Some dumbass who clearly doesn’t know how many spikes are needed to secure a 30-foot rail.

Concept art of Alma, a Brooks 2-6-0 based on DSP&P #34, later renumbered DL&G #161 as shown here. The lettering on the cab and tender lip aren’t accurate; they’re based on the typeface used on the upcoming webcomic’s side blog.
—Wings & Strings

I think Chicken Run alone may have had more strong female characters of varied/diverse design than Disney as a whole has had in a long while…

More rough and sketchy concept art for the webcomic. If I can clean this up a bit, I’d like to incorporate this doodle of Luz into the main page somehow, partially because it’s one of the less stiff poses I’ve done in a while, and partially because those are the most useful pockets I’ve ever seen on women’s jeans. You can fit your flimsies, fusees, detonators, matchboxes, car cards, route maps, spare change, and miscellaneous fittings and parts in those. Who needs toolboxes anymore?
—Wings & Strings

Remember when I said that Tumblr Radar has this thing where every other post is a woman with way too many fuckin’ eyes?

It did the thing again.


the other song i am really really digging lately is this one

as someone on youtube pointed out, the bulk of the song is actually elzic’s farewell (what is an an elzic?) but, like, the neatest arrangement ever, with a few minor variations/embellishments in the melody as compared to the old-time standard, as far as i can tell. messed around with playing this on the banjo but it’s not really the right instrument… you can strum a few strings at once but that’s still a sad imitation of the whole double stops thing (in this arrangement i think it’s all multi-instrument harmony rather than double stops, but it serves the same purpose). too bad. :(

if anyone else is curious, btw, i’ve determined that it’s darol anger on the baritone fiddle (tuned 8vb, doing all that SWEET-ASS CHOPPING) plus the väsen guys on nyckelharpa (hence why that high part is SO DAMN COOL) and viola.

I’ve forgotten about this old-time strings post until now. Kinda reminds me of the rhythmic liberties taken in Jens Kruger’s clawhammer take on Doc Watson’s and John Hartford’s takes on Cumberland Gap for some reason.

Angel Summoner & BMX Bandit give me life.

Some ornate typeface stuff that I drew up for the side blog, which will host the new webcomic.
—Wings & Strings
Another image that will be in the first update of the comic.
—Wings & Strings
Here’s another sketchy pen drawing of the Palisades, one of the most iconic spots along the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad, where diminutive locomotives fought their way up steep grades and sharp curves as the iron trails meandered around the mountain, hanging precariously over the cliffs that overlook the rivers and canyons below. With a bit more work, this image will be one of the ten or so opening images of the comic, which I have set to start by the end of the month.

—Wings & Strings

So Jens and Uwe Kruger as jaeger pilots, yes?

A sketch dump of various bits of concept art for the upcoming web comic thing of sorts.

—Wings & Strings

The Kruger Brothers & Kontras Quartet - Appalachian Concerto

Finally found some references to the Colorado & Southern’s elusive B-4-B class in the Denver Public Library’s online archives. Unlike the better-known 2-8-0’s in the fleet, the B-4-A’s and B-4-B’s had straight boilers rather than the wagon-top design, resulting in some unusual placement of boiler-mounted hardware. This doodle depicts C&S #51 in her later life, assuming that she lasted long enough to get the upgrade to a Ridgway stack (Images showed her with the old “cone on a stick” spark arrestor in 1918, but I’m unsure if she was taken out of service shortly after, especially since some of the older C&S locomotives were traded for the newer batch of B-4-F’s.)
—Wings & Strings
Sergeant Maggy F. Nubbins and Corporal Hugh Givs Affock on the beaches of Normandy, dated 6 June 1944. Sergeant Nubbins would eventually be awarded the Silver Star for clawing at a Nazi officer’s face and pissing in his eyes. She was promoted to First Lieutenant before the end of the war and now lives at home with an arbitrary cat lady.
—Wings & Strings
The card combination that won me another game of Cards Against Humanity.