"Three blows to the spike, ten spikes to the rail, 400 rails to the mile, 1,800 miles to San Francisco."
—Some dumbass who clearly doesn’t know how many spikes are needed to secure a 30-foot rail.

Pro Tip for anyone with a Gold Tone Dobro:
The standard “Open Soundwell” (the light plywood ring inside the body) usually only has one elongated opening at the top, with a ring of smaller holes around the bottom and sides of the basket. This improved design has elongated openings on the corners as well, and it allows for a less-restricted utilization of the air chamber. In this configuration, the basket roughly mirrors the 6-soundpost configuration found on open-bodied resonators, giving it better attack, sustain, and bass response for a more modern, growly tone.
I’ve closed the neck gap, and the cone assembly has since been put back in place. Now all that I need are some screenless disks for the sound holes, which also help to enhance bass response and give it more of a modern tone over the screened disks.
—Wings & Strings